KOMMONSENTSJANE – Muslim ‘migrants’ have transformed the city of Paris into a garbage dump — Fellowship of the Minds

Gone is our antiquated image of Paris, France as an elegant, civilized city. Here’s a video showing how the Muslim “migrant” invasion has transformed the French capital into a literal garbage dump, with men lounging on mattresses on streets choked with litter and garbage. I recommend you watch the video in full screen to get […]

via Muslim ‘migrants’ have transformed the city of Paris into a garbage dump — Fellowship of the Minds

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Glad we visited Paris during its glory and can remember then rather than what it is today.   Yes, this is sad – but what else would you expect when you have people who have never been trained for anything but squalor.  I blame the areas where they came from whereby the leaders kept all of the oil money for themselves and never helped the people – even today.

.They could set up these people in nice homes and school them; but, that doesn’t happen because the kings live in glory and the people are given no future.  They go to the mosques and they preach the 72 virgin thing and the next world and its beauty – so they end of being suicide bombers.  The other problem is of the inter-marrying of relatives with no hope for the future because their IQ’s are below 70 and cannot be qualified for most jobs.

Obama and Hillary are trying to bring this same scene to the U.S. by bringing them here – uneducated and illiterate.  Obama and Hillary  live high on the hog and drive the people into poverty.  Remember this:

Going Down to Their Level

We can’t allow Obama and Hillary  to do this – we must elect Donald Trump who will bring America out the clutches of this man and woman who hate America.  That is our only hope.


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