KOMMONSENTSJANE – Hillary Clinton website’s source code reveals rigging of election as a ‘hackathon.’

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The term “source code” refers to the version of software as it is originally written (i.e., typed into a computer) by a human in plain text. Every website or webpage has its source code. The way to access or view its source code depends on the Internet browser that you use. As an example, if […]

viaHillary Clinton website’s source code reveals rigging of election as a ‘hackathon’ — Fellowship of the Minds

As we know Fellowship of the Minds were deemed “too dangerous” by the liberal left and were banned from WordPress. Following is the same information.


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The definition of hackathon is to cut or sever with repeated irregular or unskillful blows or  to cut or shape by or as if by crude or ruthless strokes – hacking out new election districts.

“Hackathon”?  Hillary Clinton is using this word in her website’s source code to rig the election.  Can  you image using this word in America?  This is to emphasize the extinct Hillary Clinton will go to win this election. This is a word that you would find in the ISIS War Manual – HACKATHON! It is called BEHEADING – Remember Hillary and Obama formed this group.  We cannot let Hillary – who has embraced Islam and Huma Abedin –  enter the White House which is already filled with the Muslim Brotherhood czars.  We have to stop Hillary Clinton!  She will continue to claw and scratch her way; but, we must DEFANG those claws.


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