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Originally posted on Stella’s Place: If his name sounds familiar, but you can’t quite place it, Bernard Kerick is the former NYC Police Commissioner. Dennis Michael Lynch interviewed Mr. Kerick last night on Unfiltered (NewsMax TV). The complete interview is available on YouTube, NewsMax TV. via DML Unfiltered | Bernie Kerick Tells About The Real Trump — […]

via DML Unfiltered | Bernie Kerick Tells About The Real Trump — hocuspocus13 — Arlin Report

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I have to agree with Kerik – Trump is proven to be a leader.  Do you see Obama, Hillary, or Sanders telling the American people that America comes first.  Those three have worked for the last eight years to bring America to her knees.  And, if Hillary or Sanders are elected, it will only get worse because Sanders is a Communist and Hillary is indebted to the Saudi’s with all of the money they have poured into her coffers.

Neither of the two know how to run a business which is our government.  Obama is a disgrace not only to the people of this country but also to the Constitution which he swore to uphold.  From the actions Obama has taken – he must have taken that oath on the Quran which he swore to uphold because he sure didn’t uphold the Constitution.

The following will prove how he felt about the Constitution and America..

And now to prove why he hates the Constitution:


Did the people who voted for this Socialist/Muslim realize this man was a fake?



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