KOMMONSENTSJANE – Obama said his daughters are lesbians? — Fellowship of the Minds

Obama doesn’t have the right to speak for them.

Obama recently was in London, lecturing the Brits against Brexit, their upcoming referendum on leaving the European Union, which deservedly got him a stinging rebuke from London mayor Boris Johnson. In an op/ed for The Sun, Johnson recalls that in 2009 when Obama took over the White House, he removed a bust of Winston Churchill […]

via Obama said his daughters are lesbians? — Fellowship of the Minds

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Why would Obama do that to his daughters?  If that is true, why didn’t he let them make their own announcement?  That is one subject the owner has to announce – not the father.  And why did he have to go to London to make that special announcement?  Besides, that is a personal statement and who really cares what they are!  Do the Brits really care if the girls are lesbians?  The Brits don’t like Obama anyway since he removed the bust of Winston Churchill – Churchhill never did anything to Obama and the American people like Churchhill.  As soon as Trump is in office, we will put that bust of Churchhill back in the White House.


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2 Responses to KOMMONSENTSJANE – Obama said his daughters are lesbians? — Fellowship of the Minds

  1. marblenecltr says:

    Where do the Shadow Masters want to herd us? Just to mention something that should have been written and spoken about seven years ago, before Obama was President, the lectern and podiums were covered with dark blue, a blue similar to the blue in our flag. Also, the main color of the seal was also such a blue. When BHO became President, the colour was changed to green, the colour of Islam. That color is evident in the picture above. Make America America again. That is essential to our greatness, and the promoters of globalism know that. We once worshipped God and held Judeo-Christian values; we must return to our previous way of life.


    • Yes, even before he was elected the first time, I was so concerned for our country and could not understand why others didn’t see this man for what he was. I guess I will never understand people.


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