147 FBI agents are investigating Hillary & how Trump will deal with her — Fellowship of the Minds

Robert O’Harrow Jr. reports for The Washington Post, March 27, 2016, that “from the earliest days” when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, her “aides and senior officials focused intently on accommodating the secretary’s desire to use her private email account, documents and interviews show.” But “unknown to diplomatic security and technology officials” at the […]

via 147 FBI agents are investigating Hillary & how Trump will deal with her — Fellowship of the Minds

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Any one who votes for Hillary Clinton, Sanders, Ted Cruz, or John Kasich are on only one train – and that is to continue the policies of Obama and the Elite Republicans/Democrat Socialists/Muslim agenda.  The FBI will catch the Clinton’s sooner or later – it will probably be later because when the Clinton dominoes fall – the rest of them will fall and will include Obama’s dominoes.  Clinton is being protected right now; but, as the story goes – everything that goes up – comes down sooner or later.

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn about those people – they are all members of the Bush One World Order and I have enough knowledge to know that is not the right path.  These people are working 24 hours a day making up stuff to hurt Trump.  But sooner than later the law of averages smacks  you in the face.

Me, I am on that track which is being built by a man named Trump, who is a real American, and who is working hard for the American people; and, if given the chance – plans to turn this country around – if people will just go out on that limb and pick the real fruit not the poisoned fruit of the Elite Republicans called Cruz and Kasich and Democrat Socialist/Muslims Clinton and Sanders.

Sanders is just a  shill for Clinton to tone down the fact they are trying to win with the Socialists name which is on our plate right now with Obama’s group.  That is what Trump is working against.  The young people who are voting for Sanders have no idea what Socialism is – lack of freedom and everything is free.  Sanders doesn’t talk about lack of freedom only the free stuff.  If Clinton or Sanders are elected – reality will slap these young people  in the face – you would have thought they learned something after the Obama – Hope and Change – but they didn’t..

There are two sides in this story called –  Truth or Fiction.  The Elites are the Fiction and Trump is called the Truth – now we will see how the story ends.  Will the bad people who are the Fiction win or will the good guy, called Truth,  win.  Only time will tell.




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