Hillary Clinton ignores husband Bill’s phone calls — Fellowship of the Minds

How the mighty had fallen. Richard Johnson reports for PageSix, March 29, 2016, that former president Bill Clinton is upset that Hillary’s campaign team doesn’t follow his advice and because he often can’t even get her on the phone. According to OrbMagazine, Bill told Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta, “Those snotty-nosed kids over there are blowing this thing because […]

via Hillary Clinton ignores husband Bill’s phone calls — Fellowship of the Minds

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The reason she doesn’t answer Bill’s call – she is at the pinnacle of success and doesn’t need him any more.  Remember when the Monaca deal was in style and Hillary found out about it.  Most women would have divorced their husband; but, not Hillary, she knew the only way up that presidential ladder was on his coat tail.  Now that coat tail has been put into the Goodwill container because she has arrived and feels she doesn’t need “ole Bill” any more” – cause now she has Huma of the Muslim Brotherhood and  now Huma is riding Hillary’s coat tail.

Does anyone realize how many Muslims are in the White House and the departments – the main squeeze being Valarie Jarrett, State Department, the Pentagon, and the Military?   When Trump is elected, he going to have a helluva job just cleaning up.  These people are not the tidiest people in the world.  Remember when they showed the inside of Osama’s house and what a mess it was – and to think he had four wives – just what did they do all day long?  Guess the maid didn’t show up.



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