KOMMONSENTSJANE – Glenn Beck touts Ted Cruz as fulfillment of Mormon end-days prophecy.

On the eve of the Utah caucuses, Ted Cruz has received the endorsement of two prominent Mormons: Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney. On Tuesday, March 22, Utah Republicans will choose 40 delegates in caucu…

Source: Glenn Beck touts Ted Cruz as fulfillment of Mormon end-days prophecy

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WHAT GOOD WILL IT DO WHETHER WE ARE DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS IF WE DON’T HAVE A COUNTRY?  That is where we are at this moment in time.  At this point we are trying to save the country  from Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood – our government is infiltrated and under water with these people – they are water-boarding us at this very moment.  So “what difference does it make?”  Trump is an American first and party comes second.  Let’s not worry about labels on who is/was, what and when.  Why I was a democrat (until Johnson killed Kennedy, so you see they even eat their own) and then wised up and became a Republican.

As the Apollo crew beamed in:


It seems Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney both tout Ted Cruz as fulfillment of Mormon end-days prophecy.  Then you have Erick Erickson who claims to be a Republican – but I have my doubts – read further.

We must seriously take a look at these people – Glen Beck as he himself have stated that “he is sick with a mysterious neurological illness.”  And then you have Eric Erickson who has not been anointed with any special title or authority.  So we have to take a look at Mitt Romney who is a member of the “Secret Society.”  So is Romney preaching – the end of days snydrome?  Mormons need to take a close look at Cruz because he is a liar – and I understand Mormons do not like liars.

Erick worked for John King in 2010 on CNN  – who is a liberal from head to toe.  So he is just like the other Elite Republicans who have turned Liberal. Erick is trying to fool the people with his God-almighty conservatism.

I look at all of these people with suspicion because they are not trying to help the people who have been left behind.  They are trying to control the country with this “Bush One and Clinton’s One World Order and wealth distribution.

So would you want a man who has a brain illness and goes mad at any minute and Mitt Romney, a person who is a deliberate loser of the presidency in order to continue to control the world with his secret society and associates with Beck?  Then you have Erick Erickson who work with John King, who is a liberal, and who is trying to trick the people again.

The only sane one is Donald Trump who is trying to salvage what is left of our government after Obama/Democrat Socialist/Muslims, Hillary Clinton, and the Elite Republicans – Erickson, Romney, Beck,  who have sided with Cruz are trying to destroy this country and turn it into a socialist one.

Folks, this is serious stuff, our government is infiltrated with Obama’s Muslims  Brotherhood and the Saudi kingdom.  The only chance we have to turn this around is with Trump.

Ted Cruz is not a  natural born citizen and is not eligible (they are using the same trick they used with Obama – not the real law).  These same One World Order are trying to put another foreigner into our government and who are pretending to be conservatives.  If we elect Clinton –  our country will continue to swing to the extreme left and become a socialist country.  If we elect Cruz, an Elite Republican –  we think he is just a plant.   We know if we elect Trump – he is working for the American people.  Cruz is too extreme with his Cuban heritage.

Please, folks in Utah and Arizona – please get on that Trump train.  And to people in Utah if you don’t like a liar – don’t elect Cruz.




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