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Original posted July 20, 2015

Do you get tired of all of these old dried-up politicians? I do! It is the same old “bait and switch” tactics. They promise and promise and then what do they do when they get into office – they just fall in line with the pack of wolves – the lobbyists and the Chamber of Commerce – so they can fill their pockets. A good example of this is Boehner, Reid, Pelosi and McConnell – remember all of those promises before the election. Just look what Boehner and McConnell have done – joined the Democrats in the voting process on bills. That is why I keep saying, we don’t need a politician or a community organizer – we need a businessman who knows how to handle money, negotiate and work with the Congress and Senate.

It has been six years since the Democratic Party and Obama have tried to work with the Republicans to make things happen. And our country shows this action. Can you image, Obama tells us he hates white folks and hates America – white folks are the ones who put him into office. Remember this Axelrod guy who founded Obama on the streets of Chicago and got him elected the leader of the free world. Well, folks, whoever voted for him are the people at fault. So what I am trying to say – FOR GOD’S SAKE, LET’S DON’T GO FOR A SECOND COURSE.

There are a lot of people still out there,who love Obama even with what he is done to our country and that is what I don’t understand. I know because I have relatives who are still in that camp holding on for hope “that this ain’t so” that he is not selling America “down the river.” They just can’t see it – that their party as well as mine, “ain’t what they use to be.”

We have both been mislead and our parties have been hijacked by the Communist and Muslim factions and they are trying to ruin our country by turning it into a dictatorship. So in the end, come what may, words are the only thing I have to offer with prayers on the side that people will wake up. Our biggest problem are all of the foreigners who live and work in our country and have brought their non-American views with them – that is what is hurting Lady Liberty! TOO MUCH IMMIGRATION!


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