A vote for John Kasich is a vote for Elite Republicans and Bush I’s One World Order.

John  Kasich’s Bully Parade picked up a loser this morning, Mitt Romney, representative of Bush”s One World Order.

News has it this morning – Kasich is pulling out one of the sissy, big guns today, Mitt Romney. Mitt is going to be shooting from the hip demeaning Trump.  Can you image picking a loser like Romney to campaign for you.  Romney is one of the top leaders of Bush I and Bill Clinton’s,  “One  World Order.

Romney is also the one who puts women into binders and remember Romneycare when Mitt endorsed Obamacare while he was the governor of Massachsetts which also was a failure  and put the state heavily in debt just like Obamacare has done to America?  Remember on Romney’s campaign trail when he was running for president he kept telling us how good Obamacare was  going to be?

Kasich and Romney continue to want common core and NAFTA which is hurting the American people.  Common core is hurting education because it removed our Christian values and was replaced by slipping Obama’s Islam into the curricula   NAFTA affected our American workers by hurting our foreign trade and jobs in this country.  Romney is for the southern border to be open and no wall.

Remember, if you vote for Kasich in Ohio, it won’t help anyone but the Elite Republicans, who have turned on the American people.  It means one more vote for Socialism.

I beg of you, we have to save our country.  The Romney’s and the Bill Ayer’s are all on the same side with the Obama’s, Clinton’s, and Bush’s who are all on the same side of Socialism and trying to finish up tearing up this country and do a final number on us with their Wealth Distribution.



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