Ted Cruz hammered Trump, trying to take advantage of whatever advantage he can pray to derail Trump’s train.   You can not blame Trump for Chicago…….this has been brewing for a lo…


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Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich all chimed in this morning trying to inject themselves into  a piece of the news concerning Trump’s rally cancellation last  night.   None of the three  blamed Soros’ moveon.org gang (Hillary and Obama), Bernie’s socialist diaper gang, Black Lives Matter group or even the Elite Republicans (which all three are dues-paying members).

Is this the plan Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and the high tech groups came up with at their high-powered island meetings last week on how to derail Trump and that is to join forces with Soros and keep Trump from speaking?

May God help the down-trodden who are oppressed and treated badly by these people in power.  And these very same down-trodden are trying to help Trump turn this country around and those three – Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich – do  not want that to happen and want to continue running this country in the usual manner with no jobs and no money – in other words – business as usual.  They do not want American values – they want Socialist values.

And, again, these three know if Trump becomes the leader – all of their self-interests will go down the toilet and we can make America great again.  And they – sure as shootin’ know – If we continue in Cruz, Rubio, Kasich’s path – nothing will change because Obama has made our country into a country no one recognizes which was done on purpose by Obama, Hillary , the Democratic Socialist/Muslims, and Elite Republican parties and their secret society    (One World Order).

The reason I know this is – why hasn’t anyone in our government tried to help the Christians throughout the  world from being killed – not one word from any politicians throughout the world because they are in concert to make the world into this One World Order lead by the Bush’s and the Clinton’s.

So – Onward soldiers who are forging the path for bringing back America to its founding fathers and the Constitution!




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