What about the will of the American people Mitt:

My Will

As was related on Chris Wallace TV show today by Romney, the Elite Republican Party and Mitt Romney do not want a conservative like Trump to win because the Elites and Romney are not conservatives – they are socialists.  What really slayed me was when Romney replied – if Trump is the nominee, I will do a write in vote for someone which would mean a vote for Hillary.   So as we all know – Romney and his secret society are trying to manipulate the election and the people with this lieing through his teeth.

Romney professes to be a Mormon; and, if this is how Mormons operate by being hypocritical and two-faced after he accepted Trump’s endorsement with great hype when Romney was running for president – then I am glad Romney did not win.  Romney appeared to me during his presidential run as a “Mr. Goody-Two Shoes and I was not happy with his being the nominee; but, I swallowed that bitter pill, did not perform a write-in and did vote for him.

As I said before, Romney needs to take a long walk off a short pier.



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