Think Voter Fraud Isn’t A Problem? Here’s 300 Examples That You’re Wrong

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The U.S. must have a voter ID card because of the amount of fraud in the Democratic Party which has gone on for years.  Following is a voter card used in Mexico which requires a tamper-proof photo-ID card with a thumb print and an embossed hologram.  Again, the U.S. must switch to a tamper-proof photo voter ID card.





One of the most dishonest political myths created and spread by Democrats is that voter fraud isn’t real.  They claim all day long that voter fraud doesn’t exist and that voter ID laws are simply the Republican’s plan to keep minorities from voting.  Seriously, even Democratic presidential “candidates” like Bernie Sanders have been spreading the salacious lie that Republicans don’t want minorities to vote.

Never mind the fact that Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, France and many other countries require a photo ID to vote.  India, a country with millions upon millions of citizens who live in unspeakable poverty, has voter ID laws which pretty thoroughly debunks the racist argument from liberals that the poor can’t figure out how to acquire identification.

President Obama himself, who is from the unbelievably politically corrupt city of Chicago, has gone on the record and laughed about the idea of voter fraud even though his own…

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