What a pathetic debate.  Have you ever seen two politicians (Rubio and Cruz of the Elites) who have not done one thing for the American people in eight years  – bowing to Obama – and they have the nerve to present themselves as perfect.

Rubio is wound up like an eight-day clock and Cruz is so starched that if you touched him he would crack.  Why is it Cruz can’t just answer a question?  Why does he have to go around the world to answer a simple question? And then end up not answering the question.

Why hasn’t the moderators asked Rubio about his real estate deals and how his bank account grew so quickly over night?  Also why haven’t they asked Rubio about his uncle who lived with him and was involved with drugs and who went to prison .  Did he know  and was his uncle involved with drugs?

Now that the debate is over, it sad that people who are suppose to be Christians attack each other in such an inhumane way.  When you see people who we elect in the government turn on the American people as they have and then you see two of them stand on the stage and act like animals tearing each other apart to get ahead rather than let the people decide who they want to lead the country instead of making fools of themselves. – that is sad!





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