America think for yourself – don’t listen to the Elite Republicans – they are trying to fool us again – like they have done for the past two elections and you listened and what did we get – OBAMA.  These Elites gave us Romney and McCain who were shams for the Democratic Socialists.  Now they are giving us Rubio and Cruz – who voted with the Democrats every time to give Obama everything he wanted.  They know that Cruz and Rubio cannot beat Hillary.  Now the Elites want to give you Hillary to really finish off this country.  Again, don’t let Romney and the rest of the gang fool us.

People when you vote – just think about what the present politicians have done to America on both sides – we have to clean house.  Let’s don’t just keep re-electing the same people over and over.

Yes, the American people have been burned – burned badly by these career politicians. They were voted into office to change Washington – they told the American people if you give us the House and the Senate we will change the environment in Washington. The American people responded in kind – what happened – nothing except Washington got worse. The whole government told the American people – we know what is best – and you can go to Hell.

What happened – both parties coalesced around Obama and left the people in the lurch. They stole our country and our money and we found out how erratic and incompetent these two, Cruz and Rubio, are (one never shows up for work and the other one shows up to work but couldn’t lead a bunch of starving horses to a barn full of hay). If one of these two are nominated, things will not be any different. We have found out these two are turkeys – and we sure don’t need any turkeys this year for sure.

Let’s just show them when we vote – we want a guy who, “Says what he means and means what he says.” All these two want is our money and our vote so they can continue working with the Elite in the government to turn this government into a socialist country and call it a One World Order Government. We just can’t allow that.

We want a representative who has American values. Cruz and Rubio keep saying Trump is not perfect; and, they are? Ha! Ha!?


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    Vote for Trump who has American values not socialist values like Hillary Clinton/Bernie Sanders and the the Bush I’s One World Order.



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