Just read where Michael Hayden, ex-CIA chief, make a  statement on Bill Maher TV show  in which he needs to explain himself.  He said, “The U.S. military might disobey Trump.” Why would the business community publicize this the day before Super Tuesday?

We know that Obama has built a military within the military by ridding the military of our top commanders and hired “yes” men.  He has input a lot of Muslims into the military (remember Fort Hood).  Just the other day someone said they would have to clean out the Pentagon.   We all know Obama has a cabinet full of Muslim Czars.

Or maybe he is talking about Obama’s brown shirts?

The only reason I can think why he would say that is to influence the voting on Tuesday.  These Elites are getting desperate.

Romney earlier said Trump needed to be disqualified because of the KKK statement someone made and that Trump didn’t repudiate the statement.  How many times does Trump needs to repudiate this?  Undoubtedly  Romney does more talking than reading.  Romney  needs to go take a long walk on a short pier.

These Elites are revolting.


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