tearsOur government (Obama, Senate, and Congress) is working against the American people.  The reason I know  and see that is:

  •  Do you see Obama working for the American people by upholding the laws of our country and our Constitution?
  •  Do you see our Justice Department working to uphold our laws and Constitution?
  •  Do you see the government agencies working against the people – the IRS, Veteran Administration, Education (Common Core),  and the EPA.

When we have to have people outside of the government like Judicial Watch and the American Civil Liberties Justice having to take our own government to court to make it work – then we know there is a deep problem within our government.  That is what is happening at this very time.

Judicial Watch and not our Justice Department is taking Hillary Clinton to court for her past deeds in the State Department.  Judicial Watch is taking the government to court to be sure our elections are safe when our own Justice Department, Loretta Lynch, is working to let illegals vote in our November election.   American Civil Liberties is going to court also over many circumstances that should be handled by our own judicial system.

This is the Democratic Party and the Elite Republicans who have turned our government over to these radicals. That my dear friends, is the state of affairs in our country – believe it or not.

So, what are we gong to do about it in the next election?

Vote for Trump!  He is the only one we can trust to do what is right for our country.  All of you see what is going on with the present Congress and Senate – Cruz and Rubio have gone along for the ride with this government because of their affiliation with Wall Street and the establishment on both sides of the aisle.

If you want to donate to anyone, these people could use your help.



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