It seems Clinton, Sanders, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, and Carson continue to define a new “perfect” government to replace the previous “perfect governments that didn’t work out.”

The next stop for the Republican candidates will be Las Vegas, NV.  As was evident in the past elections – there is growing evidence that a deep and widening schism has developed in our country since the election of Obama.  There are rumblings of alienation, discontent, and frustration in our country.  We have four tiers of frustration.

The first tier is the Democratic Party’s tier of socialist and muslims which covers Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  The next three tiers are in the Republican Party which is the Elite Republicans sponsoring Marco Rubio, the next is Ted Cruz who is sponsored by Wall Street, and the last is the outsider Donald Trump who is sponsored by the American people.

If we vote for either of the Democratic party candidates, our country will definitely be run as a communist country with a dictatorship which is currently true of Obama who has run the country as an obstructionist and dictator and is totally trying to dismantle the country as a Constitutional government.

Then if we vote for the Elite Republican candidate Marco Rubio, who is a member of the Gang of 8, the country will continue Obama’s policies as a lawless country and will not be following the Constitution.  The “Gang of Eight” bill for immigration is described by Rubio as a starting point, which would be expanded upon if he is elected president.  His tax plan is no different than Obama’s with 35% for individuals.  He is tied to the hip of the Elite Republicans and the lobbyists.

If we vote for the Wall Street candidate, Ted Cruz, he claims to be a person who follows the Constitution and American values; but, how can this be with the lobbyists tied to his hips.  Wall Street has helped Obama bring America to its knees with its revolving door between this Obama administration and the big banks.

Cruz is often described as “oily,” but that word doesn’t really do him justice.  In fact, he’s so oleaginous he reminds me of the puddles covering the stained cement floor of a Jiffy Lube.  It is not just a physical characteristic – though there is that; the man has a sheen about him – but also one of affect.  When he strides out to a rapturous greeting from the crowd and walks along the edge of the stage slapping hands with people in the front row, it feels so studied that I can picture college-age Ted Cruz practicing this move in his Princeton dorm room.

And then there is Trump who feels the country needs to be completely turned around.  Our government has made drastic changes in the nature, attitudes and philosophies of the country. The government has lost sight of one of the basic tenets of successful management which is the valuable resources of its people. The people are subjected to negativeness day after day with nothing but lip service from our government.

The other reason I am sharing this information is out of deep concern the assaults that the Obama administration, the Hillary Clinton gang and allied Leftists groups are mounting against honest elections this year will totally dwarf their efforts in 2012 and 2014. Our voting rights require constant vigilance.

These sacred rights and responsibilities are under unremitting attack by the lawless Obama administration and the Hillary Clinton crowd. To put it simply, your vote and the lawful votes of fellow Americans must not be cancelled by illegal votes and other corruptions of our voting rights.

It would be good to elect a born and bred American for a change since they know what values Americans really hold dear and know what direction the country needs to go.

The American people are describing themselves as struggling, hurting, and feeling betrayed by Obama and this  government –  which is not working for the people but against them. Therefore, why shouldn’t they vote for Trump – a person who is a businessman of the world and has no ties to any of the above.  He recognizes the sickness of the country and it is not the people but the government and their communist movement.






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    Now is the time for a re-issue on this subject. We must elect Trump if we are going to turn this country around from the path of Obama and the Muslim/Socialist path.



  2. marblenecltr says:

    There are the tactics of using Islam and Marxism and the use of Obama in that attack, but the plan, as I think you know, is far greater and is made up of far more minions serving to achieve the Luciferian goal. In reality, Obama is but one player among very many in the game, and, when he goes to the bench, there are many to replace him. In fact, Trump has very few true allies who hold meaningful positions; almost everyone else lusts for complete global power, if not for mere survival.
    We are in a world ruled through power created by royals and bankers who provide the money required to attain their goals through war and bribery. Qualities once deemed virtuous, such as patriotism, honesty, and concern for others only delay victory for globalists, so they are only used as pretences to provide needed public support. And, in the realm of the wealthy, Trump needs more friends, others grateful for the ease and privileges of life and a sense of responsibility to use it well. It is not merely possible, but noble, to live such a life. If we follow the globalist plan, horrors and disasters beyond the comprehension of most await.
    Part of the progress of the globalist program is most evident in our current political life. The plot for the return of the Anglo Empire seems to be succeeding. Rhodes Scholarships play a part of the strategy to, as QE II and others phrase it, “return the colonies,” and Obama is playing his part. “He wasn’t born in Kenya,” some may say, and I agree. Kenya did not exist as a sovereign nation at the time of his birth. He was born a British citizen, subject to Queen Elizabeth II, in the mandated protectorate of British East Africa. Later, he became a citizen of the Marxist military dictatorship of Indonesia under General Suharto, and for some reason, good preparatory school and Ivy League education, the U. S. Presidency, and the Nobel Peace Prize, apparently awarded that year for breathing, were his.
    But wait, there’s more! Two major candidates from the Republican Party were in competition for Obama’s job, and they, too, are not natural born citizens, hence, not eligible! One, like Obamha, has a degree from the Harvard School of Law! What a coincidence! In a nation of well over three hundred million people, that would happen!
    But wait, there is still more! Look for it, and when you see it, you will find yourself punched, not slapped, in the face.


  3. marblenecltr says:

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    What is the planned future? Survival of a very few “fittest” only with robotic replacement of everyone else? Nah, they wouldn’t do that!


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