From the looks of the tech communities, they are on the side of the terrorists.  We know they have a lot of people from all over the world working in their business and who use their tools against America.  It is time for these tech companies to work with the various governments to bring these terrorists to their knees.  It could be done very easily.  Just from the small work that I do with these companies, they follow me with every word that I use.  Any time I use or say anything they don’t like, they fight me tooth and toe nail to keep it from being sent out.  Don’t tell me that they cannot unlock this phone – they can.

I have not quite understood the workers at the Tech companies – they follow every word I type but they cannot spot a hacker hacking into the government or a bank.  Something smells like rotten apples – whose side are they on anyway?

The Tech community revise their programs on an on-going basis – nothing stays the same. The purpose of this is to stay ahead of the hackers which is great.  So they can solve this terrorist problem in a heart beat and then reprogram their encryption.

Just hope the courts make them go forward to protect the American people instead of helping the terrorists – they need those dots so they can be connected.  Is Tim Cook a foreigner or a patriot?  This company will survive and be better respected if it works for the good of the country and not the terrorists.


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