The Pope left Mexico and I was so glad to hear him tell the Mexican people not to abandon their country and stay and make it a great country rather than abandon it for elusive fortunes in the United States.  Yet, he did mention that he did not think a wall between the two countries was a good idea.

As usual Mexico’s representatives and the Pope did manage to inject themselves in our election.  Wonder why?  Is it –  if we have a wall it will slow down the drugs being sent out of Mexico and the money  will stop flowing back to Mexico.

Why is it the Pope doesn’t want a wall?   Is it okay for the American people to continued to be raped by the world?  Is it that the world is lazy and come to steal our hard-earned money – the thief in the night?  And that is okay?

I was disappointed that the Pope failed to mention all of the Christians in the world who are being slaughtered.  He never chastised the leaders of Mexico or the world that they were sitting idly by while all of these Christians are being killed.  So why didn’t the Pope mention that instead of becoming embroiled and defining who is or isn’t a Christian if they build a wall?

America must not be swayed by the outsiders who are attempting with the help of Obama to reduce our country to a third world country.  The Bible states that we share our fortunes and the U.S. has certainly done more than any other country – including the Vatican.  My suggestion to the Vatican is to sell a few of those paintings in the cellar and share it with the poorest of the poor among us.  Americans are tired of carrying the burden when the rest of the world are lazy.


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