Yesterday, NBC, published a poll which stated that Ted Cruz led the national polls over Trump.  That was only a few hours after they stated that Trump was 16 to 20 points above all of the candidates.  It is amazing how quickly they can change the numbers to sway voters.  We have to remember – all of these candidates except Trump are under the Washington cartel of lobbyists – even Ted Cruz.  They are going to throw everything – even the kitchen sink at us – to beat Trump.

Let’s don’t fall for their polarizing tactics again – remember David Axelrod, the father of  Obama’s campaign, is in charge of the NBC polls.  We sure don’t want to forget this statement by Obama on election eve in 2008:

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Folks, this is what these people have done to our country.  Are we going to fall for this same tactic?  They have swindled us out of our money and want to continue by electing these cartel members like Cruz.  We have to elect someone that is not under the influence of this cartel and that is Trump who is sponsoring his own campaign.  Why would Trump spend his own money to save us – because he loves this country and is a true patriot in spite of all of the  mud being thrown his way.  We found out how much the Democratic Socialist/Communist/Muslim love this country which doesn’t leave much to the imagination.  We cannot allow this to happen again.

If Cruz is elected, Washington will be no different even more polarizing because Cruz does not have the influence and respect needed to be able to broker any deals in Washington.  Do we want to continue these executive orders that Obama is using to make over the country to his liking?

The governor of South Carolina is backing Rubio.  We know the governor is a member of the Washington Elite Republicans as is Rubio.  Remember the governor, she is the one who hid the Confederate flag and is/was ashamed of our past history.  You can’t bury history and the truth.

Don’t forget these communists when you go to the polls.  The first photo is Rupert Murdoch of Fox and the next photo is David Axelrod, who was the father of the Obama movement and resulted in Obama’s presidency being the most polarizing in history.  The last photo are all of the news media and how they are intertwined with Obama and the government. – who trying to turn America into a Muslim country.






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