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As we all  know – when Bill Clinton won the presidency – he lost in Texas.  We also know  -after Clinton’s election – his initial blundering weeks in office created questions about his judgement and competence.  Today, the political parties are no longer disciplined organizations with a clear purpose.  Instead they are loose affiliations of people with something in common, rather like college alumni associations.

Passion is totally absent from mainstream politics, and on the most important issue the two parties hardly disagree at all.  Rather than being parties of opposing passions, 2016 election will revolve around the personalities of the candidates and their individual opinions about specific secondary issues.

For nearly eight years, you have seen the Elite Republicans vote with Obama and the socialists/communists/muslim Democrats; and, our country has been reduced to rubble – on  purpose – by these people –  by spending our tax money to oblivion – leaving us a debt of $19 trillion – does anyone even think in terms of trillions of dollars in your budget?

And now you have these same people who want to put more of the same type of people into the presidency like Hillary, Sanders, Kasich, Bush, Cruz, and Rubio who are all tied to the same lobbyists.  We have to try a new direction because what these people have been doing is not working.

So what is wrong with trying a business man who is self-funded and not dependent upon anyone and who will bring in people to help him eliminate the negative and put in the positive for a change.  This has not happened for nearly eight years.  And, don’t forget those same people – Hillary, Sanders, Kasich, Bush, Cruz, and Rubio – are the politicians  who have taken us to this place of negativity.

All of this – the absence of passion, the weakness of the parties and the interchangeability of the candidates leads me to believe that there is not much more at stake except the slicing of the candidates positions into various patterns to appeal to specific blocks of voters – this is the reality of both campaigns.

Then, along came Donald Trump – a person who they say is not a conservative or ideologue. Do you have to have a conservative, liberal, socialists, communists, or muslims stamped on your forehead to prove you have a label?  I can say one label or another; but, does it really matter?  It seems those people with labels have not worked out for the country  – either.


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