Subject: A Collector’s Unexpected Joy

Hidden Treasures By Jocelynn Smith, Sr. Managing Editor

Beethoven is pouring out of my headphones today as I write. I’ve always found it easier to write to music. The dancing notes block out the cacophony of background noise so that it’s just my thoughts and me.

Beethoven seemed a good choice as we are still snuggled in the bosom of winter. While not intentionally seasonal, I’ve always thought his music was a good fit for winter, whether it’s his gentle piano sonatas “Pathetique” or “Moonlight,” the hauntingly jaunty “Für Elise” bagatelle or the soaring beauty of his Ninth Symphony, particularly “Ode to Joy.”

But Beethoven is also on my mind because a unique treasure was recently discovered in a Connecticut home.

A handwritten piece of sheet music by Beethoven containing his notes for “King Stephen,” which is among his minor works, was uncovered and sold at auction for $100,000. While Beethoven manuscripts frequently go to auction — apparently the man never threw away any of his notes, unlike other composers — this one piece was particularly successful because it was previously unknown.

As the world remains tied up in knots over the Fed’s first interest-rate hike in nearly a decade, the future of oil as its price lingers at lows we haven’t seen in years and whether American corporations are going to be crushed by a strong dollar, it’s important to remember that you have more options for diversifying your portfolio than just stocks, bonds and precious metals.

Collectibles are a stable and uncorrelated investment that tend to see steady growth regardless of whether the market is charging forward or suffering a sharp pullback. That’s because the majority of collectors are in it for the love of the item rather than looking for a quick profit. They’re not going to jump out simply because Wall Street is crashing.

And while you might not have a sheaf of notes from the likes of Bach or Beethoven tucked away in your attic — not that it hurts to look — adding collectibles to your portfolio is a sound plan in terms of both asset protection and growth.

May your winter be warm and cozy.



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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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