RECOUNT OF IOWA – The people of Iowa should learn a good lesson from this year’s election – that you cannot trust politicians, especially when they tell you something about the vote itself – TRUST BUT VERIFY – Cruz’s team deliberately tricked the people of Iowa – so let’s watch and see what else they do along the campaign trail.  I am sure Carson will be watching Cruz for anymore trickery.

The Inquisitr News

2016 Iowa Caucus Results: Hillary Clinton Wins Recount Over Bernie Sanders Campaign Just Barely
Patrick Frye
Bernie Sanders’ supporters were hoping the 2016 Iowa caucus results recount would have Hillary Clinton feeling the Bern, but the Iowa Democratic Party just updated the Iowa results and Clinton managed to hang onto her lead by just the thinnest of margins. Still, while the Sanders campaign did not gain any extra delegates, the results confirm that Bernie has a very good chance of winning the Democratic presidential nomination for the 2016 elections.
Democratic party Chairman Andy McGuire said in a prepared statement said she was very proud of all those involved in handling the Iowa recount.

I am extremely proud of the collaborative relationship we have with all parties involved, and together we have made updates at five precincts, affecting only five county convention delegates out of more than 11,000 elected on Caucus night,” she said, according to The Hill. “After every caucus, the party goes through a self-examination process to discuss what went right, and what can be improved upon. This process will continue this year, and in conjunction with our State Central Committee, our partners and our allies, I will convene a committee to ensure we can improve upon our caucus process while preserving what makes it special.”

Based upon the updated Iowa caucus results, Bernie Sanders earned 696.92 state delegate equivalents, or 49.59 percent of the popular vote. Unfortunately for Sanders, this increase of 0.1053 state delegate equivalents was still not enough to beat Hillary Clinton’s Iowa results, who retained 49.84 percent of the vote.


Clinton lost 0.122 state delegate equivalents in the process, including an additional 0.0167 state equivalent delegates which went to former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, who dropped out of the presidential race shortly after the 2016 Iowa caucus results were announced.

Donald Trump’s Iowa results has the former Republican frontrunner claiming the system has been “very unfair” to both him and Ben Carson.

“There are those that say I actually came in first, depending on how you want to count the votes, to be honest, because that was a horrible thing that took place,” Trump said on Meet The Press. “But I was very proud of Iowa and I’d never done it before.”

Trump is referring to how Ted Cruz supporters falsely spread the rumor that Carson had dropped out of the race entirely. Some political analysts claim it’s possible Carson supporters switched their vote to Cruz at the last minute, allowing Cruz to secure 27.6 percent of the vote while Trump came in second with 24.3 percent.

In comparison, Carson only managed to grab 9.3 percent of the vote despite being considered a number one contender this past fall.

Cruz’s campaign has apologized to Carson on behalf of the Cruz supporters who spread the false rumor, but Trump believes the rumor may have dropped him to second place. With the 2016 Iowa results behind him, Trump is now focused on New Hampshire’s caucus results.

“I’m not thinking about Iowa, I’m thinking about New Hampshire,” Trump said while dismissing Cruz’s win. “I don’t care about it anymore. I like this system much better in New Hampshire [than caucus system] where you go out, you like somebody, you vote.”

Ahead of the vote in New Hampshire, Donald Trump’s polls once again give him a strong lead. While it’s possible the undecided could make a last minute change to the results, Trump currently is leading with 360 percent of Republican voters in the Granite State.



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