Watching Jeb Bush bring his 90-year-old mom out in the snow to campaign for him was silly and dangerous for her.  We all have to remember she is the wife of Bush I who is the One World Order generator.  We have to also remember that is why we are in the shape we are in today – all of the refugees flooding the U.S. from the South and the European nations.  Look at the people they are bringing into the U.S. from throughout world and using our money to pay these people to  be here.

Why would Jeb expose his mother to the elements – is he that insecure?

And I was surprised of all of the candidates the only person she called out was Trump.  The American people have had their fill of the Bushs’.  It is time to elect someone who is an outsider.  The Bushs’ have put our country in the shape it is now in – especially, when they got in bed with the Clinton’s.

Jebbie was complaining about Trump and his choice of the “F” word at one of his town halls.  Where has Jebbie been?  If he has talked to any young person or watched any program on TV – that word to young people is like us older people saying, “yes, ma’am.”  I am not saying it is right; but, it is the sign of the times.

I admire Mrs. Bush for her time in the government; but, it is time for all of the Bushs’ to be put out to pasture.   If they want to share their money with the world – go for it – but quit trying to give our money away and make our country a third world country. Remember, the Bushs’ are beholden to the Saudi crowd.


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