Did Hillary Steal Iowa From Bernie: Here’s the Evidence So Far

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As we all know Hillary Clinton uses her husband’s “modern math.” Remember – Two plus two can be anything you want – especially if you want to win.  I warned the people in Iowa about using the Socialists apps, didn’t I?  I would suggest a total recount since problems were incurred with the apps.

Remember last year, Iowa first called the election win for one fella and then the next day had to recant that call and in the end someone else really won.



This particular election looks incredibly shady

Did Hillary Steal Iowa From Bernie: Here's the Evidence so FarJoshua Krause | The Daily Sheeple

I don’t think anybody has any illusions about Hillary Clinton. And with the exception of her core supporters, I don’t think the people who voted for her have any illusions either.

In their minds, she is simply the lesser of two evils, but evil nonetheless. It’s impossible to deny the fact that Hillary is a liar, a chronic flip-flopper, and most likely a criminal whose maliciousness knows no bounds. And now that the Iowa primary has come and gone, we may be able to add “cheater” to that list as well. Or at the very least, some powerful people in high places may have given her a hand in Iowa.

I’m no friend of socialism, nor do I approve of any of Bernie Sanders policies, but if we’re going have a political system that lets its citizens participate…

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