January 24, 2016

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Now the debt is $19 trillion and Obamacare is receiving pay for the insurance but is not paying anything out due to the high deductibles.  Obama has raised the taxes and is keeping all persons from investing and making any money.

The Hope and Change is not working out so good.

August 3, 2015

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October 21, 2013

Have the young people been able to sort the good from the bad or to admit they made a mistake in voting for Obama? They did not realize when electing him as the leader of this country that he was going to put a $17 trillion debt on their backs and no jobs when they graduate. Oh, yes, they are probably on government assistance; but, you can’t make any money when the government has a rope around your neck. Now with Obamacare do they realize again that he is making them responsible for the health care costs of this country by slapping them with a mandatory policy or a fine which increases each year and on top of that a deductible that is extreme in anyone’s eyes before you receive any help with your insurance even after you pay high dollars for the policy itself. As the country western song goes, “Obama gets the gold and the American people get the shaft.” I would love to hear from some of the young people and see how they feel today about all of that “Hope and Change!”


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