How stupid can people be?  Why does the National Review and the Elite Republicans (Jeb Bush) think they can continue fooling the America people.  They have succeeded for the last two election cycles by helping to elect Barack Obama by scooby dooing the elections and proceeding to roll right along with Obama – all the while telling the American people –  that the National Review is more conservative than Trump but we want to help elect a black guy as president because it will help race relations in America.  Well, well, and here the National Review backers are back at the well telling America that we are conservatives and Trump is not a conservative.  Well, hells bells, how stupid do you think  the American people are – a one-eyed monkey could see through that.

The definition of conservative is a person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in relation to politics.  Now can you tell me that the Elite Republicans who have voted with Obama at every turn are conservative?   And if the National Review are backing the Elite Republicans (Jeb Bush) who have done this by backing Obama than they are not conservatives – think folks!  They are all ONE WORLD ORDER PEOPLE.

The National Review has just dug their own grave as far as this blogger is concerned.  They can go to the burn pit.  When they see what direction the American people are going and they are going to buck the tide again and deny them the right to put this country on the right track then something is wrong with their engine.

It is time to send the National Review to the burn pit.


National Review Unleashes Massive Anti-Trump Issue. Unfortunately, It’s Going To Help Him.

National Review Trump
By: Ben Shapiro

January 22, 2016

On Thursday evening, National Review released a primal rage scream of conservative intellectualism: an entire issue devoted to bashing Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. Now, I have my own biases on this issue – this week alone, I’ve characterized Trump as the establishment pick over Ted Cruz, slammed Trump for his establishment-style attacks on Cruz, and stated that he has “no central guiding values other than his own glorification.” And I agree with virtually everything written about Trump in this National Review special edition.

But I still think the National Review issue does Trump more good than harm.

Here’s the reason: instead of allowing the building groundswell of anti-Trump commentary to consolidate organically, National Review forced the issue to “get on the record.” They made the resistance to Trump look astroturfed by an intellectual elite. They gave Trump cannon fodder for his disenchanted base, which rightly feels disrespected by conservative thinkers. Kevin Williamson of National Review has spilled gallons of ink on bashing Trump’s supporters, not just Trump. And now those supporters feel like their candidate is the victim of a gang-hit – all of which propels Trump. The conservative gang-hit on Trump may be morally and politically justified. But it isn’t well calibrated and it isn’t going to be successful.

Imagine if, instead of conservative icons like Brent Bozell, Bill Kristol, Thomas Sowell, Glenn Beck, Ed Meese, and Erick Erickson among many others lumping themselves together under one anti-Trump banner, these various actors had instead launched simultaneous attacks from their various outlets. Many of them have done that, of course – and there’s no question that the build-up of momentum against a Trump candidacy from the intellectual right was gaining steam.

But the National Review issue strategically undercuts that groundswell. Now the hit looks coordinated. And what’s more, it looks coordinated by the same organization that labeled John McCain and Mitt Romney sufficiently conservative to support over more conservative candidates. As I pointed out back in September when Jonah Goldberg said that Trump supporters could not be counted among conservatives:
Over at National Review, even as Goldberg condemns Trump for his non-conservatism, another columnist simultaneously urges a ticket with Governor “God Told Me To Use Obamacare Money To Expand Medicaid” John Kasich (R-OH) and Sen. Marco “Immigration Gang of Eight” Rubio (R-FL). Goldberg himself championed Romney’s candidacy because he wasn’t a conservative.

Much of Trump’s appeal has come from his manipulation of the base’s righteous anger against “establishment” conservatives who pledged them the world and delivered nothing. Trump isn’t actually a conservative, and the establishment prefers him to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), but he’s a good salesman – and he has channeled the anger against the establishment. That’s why Trump securing the Sarah Palin endorsement this week mattered – it helped him shore up that angle. Unfortunately, this concerted attack from National Review – a publication of which many members of the base are already skeptical – serves only to reinforce Trump’s pitch.

And the symposium mushes establishment favorites in with non-establishment conservative figures. Michael Medved has spent this large segments of this election cycle bashing Ted Cruz, the most conservative man in the field, and the only real challenger to Trump in Iowa by every poll; Michael went so far as to imply that Cruz’s “New York values” slam on Trump could have been covertly anti-Semitic. Placing him alongside Thomas Sowell devalues Sowell’s critique from the perspective of conservative ideological purity.

What’s more, Trump will seize on the National Review slam to play victim. That’s his entire campaign strategy. As he said way back in August, “I do whine because I want to win and I’m not happy about not winning and I am a whiner and I keep whining and whining until I win.” In the past week, it’s been difficult for him to whine as the establishment mobilizes behind him to stop Cruz, and as he opens his arms to them.

But now he’ll say that National Review is establishment, and that they’re attacking him to stop him from implementing his brand of change.



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