It seems that someone in the Army branch of the military is going to remove the “man” word out of the military  MANUALS in order to make it more inclusive.  It will be a giant step when we get these POLITICALLY CORRECT (PC) idiots out of  women’s hair.  They should spend more time on the overall picture by trying to increase the benefits of the overall military instead of nit-picking on mundane things which in the long run don’t amount to a hill of beans.

As we all know that God made man before he made women and what follows are words that prove that:

Woman has man in it; Mrs. has Mr. in it; Female in male in it; She has he in it; Madam has Adam in it.

To even further prove this man effect, all women’s problems start with men:

Mental illness; menstrual cramps, mental breakdown, menopause, gynecologist (we will spell it guynecologist so we can blame it on the men),

and, the biggest women’s problem is a hysterectomy ( we will do the same thing here by spelling it the way it sounds – histerectomy).

And as usual, a little rain must fall on everyone’s parade.



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