Why are we following Obama’s illegal orders?  If we do then we all need to go to jail if we follow his illegal orders.  What does the Supreme Court say about these illegal orders?  They are  on Obama’s side in this illegal activity.  So we have to go to the “convention of states” and each state take care of themselves until we can elect people who will follow the Constitution.  Washington is broken!

Texas Governor’s Four Words Have Obama Running SCARED!

By Rusty Weiss

It seems Texas Governor Greg Abbott has thrown down the gauntlet when it comes to President Obama’s attempts to illegally implement gun control through executive orders.


Abbott responded to a Washington Post report on the President’s plans to infringe on the Second Amendment with four simple words – “Come and take it.”

Texas Gov Greg Abbott criticized President Barack Obama’s plan to move ahead with possible executive actions on guns in a tweet in which he told the Commander-in-Chief to ‘come & take’ the state’s guns.

Obama said in his weekly radio address that he is looking for ways to keep guns out of the hands of ‘a dangerous few’ without depending on Congress to pass a law on the fraught subject of gun control.

He plans to meet his attorney general, Loretta Lynch, on Monday to see what executive actions might be possible. Steps to strengthen background checks could come this week.

On January 1st, Texans celebrated their new open-carry law which will allow licensed users to carry their guns in visible holsters on their hip or shoulder.

Here’s a quick update on the Texas law:

Open Carry Law is in full effect.

We’re sure plenty of them would also like to see Obama come get their guns as well.

We will stand with Governor Abbott when he dares Obama to come and take his guns against a dictator.




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