cryingIs there any school teacher out there who can tell my why they are not teaching cursive writing in the school systems?  Or is it just some schools?

The definition of cursive writing is a type of handwriting in which all the letters in a word are connected to each other and are written from left to right.

They are teaching printing with the ABC’s.   After thinking about this, how can you go into adult writing and not be schooled and learn cursive writing?

Is this part of the COMMON CORE government program where they require the teachers to include Islam in the history part of this CORE teaching and each child has to have so many credits to pass?

I have thought about this and the only conclusion I can come to is – I can see where it would be hard for muslims to read cursive and easier for them to read printing.  A family member who is a teacher passed on this information and did not know why cursive writing is not being taught.

Is this from laziness and lowering the standards of our studies?

We must find out the answer to this question – does anyone know and, if you do, would you please let me know?


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