Americans believe terrorists are winning – you can thank this guy and gal:


It would be different if this lazy bum would get up off his fat buns and let the military loose – it would be a different story.  But, we can’t – because he is a Muslim and he is complicit with them.  Therefore, we have to wait until he is gone to be able to turn this war around. I can hardly wait to see the white tails of their dresses flapping in the breeze when we show them what bombing is really all about with Trump at the helm.

Do you want to be without a gun and be helpless as Obama and Hillary want?

Date: Thursday, January 7, 2016 5:46 AM

Subject: CNN Poll: Americans Believe Terrorists Are Winning

CNN Poll: Americans Believe Terrorists Are Winning

January 06, 2015

by Mina Sinai

According to a new CNN/ORC poll, Americans believe terrorists are winning the war over the United States more so than at any other point since the 9/11 attacks.



In August 2007, 61% of those polled were unsatisfied with the war against terror. Now, after attacks across the world like the recent ones in Paris and San Bernardino, this number has risen to almost 75%. How does this break down across each political party? Surprisingly, even Democrats are concerned with how the war on terror is playing out with Obama in control. Of those polled, 59% of Democrats were unhappy with the war on terror, in comparison to 79% of independents and 86% of Republicans
We all know that a crisis is coming. You’ve seen the evidence and you know the situation is serious.

ISIS terrorists inside our country… a government that takes more and more away from people who worked hard to earn it (and gives it to those who want “something for nothing”)… and a history of botched responses to natural disasters that proves we can’t rely on the government in a crisis.

Forty percent of Americans believe that the terrorists are winning the war. Although this may not seem like a significant number, this is up 17 percentage points from the 23% that believed this in August 2005. So, how many Americans believe the U.S. and our allies are winning? A pathetic 18%. While most Democrats (52%) believe that both parties are equal in the fight, the majority of Republicans (55%) think the terrorists have the upper hand.

As for Americans thoughts on the White House? Only 17% have a great deal of confidence in the White House’s plan to prevent terrorism and protect our home soil. Obama does not fare so well in other areas, either. Over half, 52% of Americans do not approve of Obama’s performance as President, an even higher percentage, 60% disapprove of how he deals with terrorism, and a yet even higher percentage, 64% do not think he is handling ISIS properly.

Despite the increased fear in attacks at home and worries about how to handle terrorism, in general, Americans are still not in favor of putting troops on the ground to fight ISIS, with only 49% agreeing it is necessary. In addition, the majority of Americans (57%) still refuse to even consider America is at war, instead referring to it as a military conflict.

The American people are refusing to even consider America is at war because when this  fight (Bush I and II) started and Obama came into office we were winning; but, when sissy Obama came in he was afraid of getting his ass shot of – so,  instead.  he went and joined up with the enemy and formed the enemies’ army.  So this is why Americans refuse to think there is a war – Obama and Hillary are the Lead Commanders of ISIS because they are showing us what side they are on.



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