Why does John Sununu keep trying to convince us that Trump is not the right person for the Republican Party.  Why is that?  As we know –  Sununu is an Elite Republican.  Look at what this group of people have done to the American people – they formed an alliance with Obama at every turn to hurt the American people.  Have the Elites tried to stop Obama – no – but HELL no!  In fact, they have helped Obama change this country.  Why would we want an Elite to run again – to help the Democrats continue this assault on the American people?  The Republicans need to get rid of every Elite in the Senate and House in the 2016 election.

Look at what they have done to our country in just the immigration area alone.  Look what they did to us during the George Bush II administration – spent our money and never looked back.  

And now look at what the Democrats have done to us – have deliberately brought in all of these immigrants to steal our money.  

We need someone like Trump to shake up the system and bring back our laws and the Constitution because none of these other candidates whether they are Democrats or Republicans will be able to do it because they are all in bed with the moneyed people.

Now is the time to take our country back – NOW OR NEVER.





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