A Bill: To ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is more fully infringed

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Our Socialist Muslim Democratic Party (i.e. Hillary Clinton and Obama)  are working long and hard to take away our guns so the country will be a gun-free zone and then guess what we as citizens will be – SITTIN’ DUCKS.  That is what they are working toward.  We must never allow that to happen.  Look at all of the shootings these Democrats have set up and have killed people all over the country trying to emphasize that guns are BADDDDD!  Don’t let these idiots fool you.  A good example is the ebola scare which was contrived to take our eyes off the ball while they let all of these illegals into the country from Mexico.

If only we knew all of the things this evil government is doing to the people, we would run them out on a rail.


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