It seems that bath rooms are a  big topic in the Democratic Debate.  So  in order to help the democrats since they are full of flavors of people –  the following might help.

As we all know – all countries have different markings for bath rooms or rest rooms.  So in case you get in a bind and need to bend:

What is a “public restroom” called in your local area, and what does it say on the door(s)?

Toilet Poo:

•Aircraft – “Lavatory”
•Canada(?) – “Washroom” / “Ladies/Mens room”
•China – “Wash hand room” literally from 洗手间 Xǐshǒujiān
•Denmark – “WC” / “Toilet” (Same for many other European countries)

•Hong Kong – “Toilet” / “Toilet Room” literally from 廁所
•Military – “Latrine”
•Philippines – “Comfort Room” / “CR”
•Sailing/Maritime – “Head” (because in sailing ships, toilets were often at the head of the ship, to minimize smell)
•UK – “Toilet” (and more)
•USA – “Restroom”, “Toilet”, “Bathroom”, “Water Closet”, “W/C”
•USA/Hawaii – “Kane” / “Wahine” (men/women), or just “men” / “women”

If not in English, please translate literally what it is called, into English, if at all possible. Please specify country as a minimum, if applicable, also state/area/region.

The word(s) I am looking for is what you would ask a stranger in the street, “Please, can you tell me to way to the nearest …….. please?”

Most places, the name for it is PC’ed into something different, just like “restroom” or “washroom” is. You don’t go there primarily to rest or wash, but to rid your body of unwanted matter!



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