Jeb: I Hated Being the Front-Runner — ‘I Feel Much Better Back Here’

by Pam Key

20 Dec 2015637

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Republican presidential candidate former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) said he “hated” being his party’s presidential nomination front-runner.

Host John Dickerson said, “Six months ago, people thought you were the front-runner–” When the campaign season started the Elite Republicans set him up and paid the news media for him to be the front-runner and he did not complain then.  Now that he is in the lower range he says he likes it back there.  Yes, I bet you do – duh!

Bush said, “I hated that.”

Dickerson asked, “You hated being the front-runner?”

Bush said, “I feel much better back here.”

Dickerson said, “Why did you hate being the front-runner?”

Bush said, “Well because I’ve always thought that there was going to be a high expectation for me, and I totally get it – because I have brother that was president, a father that was president. That higher expectation was important to realize. And so being a front-runner made me feel like the people are going to begin to say, ‘Your guy is just dancing like through this.’ I have to go earn it.

I have higher expectations on me than people have on me. So it doesn’t bother me a bit that the expectations are higher. I want to win which mean that you garner momentum when it matters. So, I feel good about where we are right now.”

I also read that Bush said he didn’t like the pressure in the front of the line.  If that is the case – how would he handle the job of president.  This alone tell you something about him being a low-energy person.

It has been a mystery why the low levels are not dropping out and have come to realize they stay in the campaign because they are being loaded with cash and they keep the cash in case they run in later years.  It is all about the money that is been heaped on them – a good way to roll in the free cash.



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