What is the real problem is in Washington, D.C.?  It is Barack Hussein Obama.  Senator Cruz spells out the real problems and when you watch the Democratic debate tonight,  just let it sink in how evil these people really are – they lie and the lie, and they continue to lie to the American people.  The Democratic Party is not the old party that I belonged to during the Kennedy years – this Democratic Party  has been bought and now belongs to the Middle East and especially Saudi Arabia.

This party is being paid off to turn this country into a Muslim world.

Senate Conservatives Action is fighting to elect principled leaders to the U.S. Senate who will speak the truth and stand up to the DC establishment.   Obama’s threats are just more and more threats.

Here is the full, unedited version of Senator Cruz’s “volcanic” speech:

Listen and weep on how the Democratic Party has turned our country into the chaos it has become.  It is not too late if we elect someone like Trump to lead the nation so that we can regain our country out of the jaws of these vicious animals called Obama’s Muslims.

Senator Cruz is a good person; but, we need a businessman who is knowledgeable of the world and the way the government and the world work together. Cruz would make an excellent vice-president.


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