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The Republican Party has been hijacked by the Elite Republicans who are RHINOS. They have mislead the American people (McConnell, Boehner and now Paul Ryan). When Ryan came out with his Muslim beard and stated that Trump’s remarks about banning Muslims temporarily is not what the Conservative party stands for.  Yes, Ryan, we got the hint with your beard, hunting, my foot!   Well, he was not speaking for me.

The only way we are going to protect our country and its people is by banning these people who are not citizens of this country and to keep them from coming in. Obama lied to the American people. He has been allowing Syrians immigrants – with no vetting and fake passports – into this country behind our backs and Paul is marching with the master of lies, Obama. They have voted with Obama for all of the years that Obama has been in office. It is time for the party to take back their party and send these Elites packing.


ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together


Donald Trump is a candidate for president because like many of us, he too is frustrated, fed up with the Republican party.   He sees no one else as ‘the one’ that could take out the real chaos candidate, Hillary Clinton.

We the People, during trying times gave the Congress to the GOP, the difference makers as we were promised.  They have done nothing.   We seldom hear anything from the halls of Congress these days, except for the occasional investigative committee hearings.   That is the core of our government, form a special committee, to  investigate the corruption; unfortunately there is plenty.

Barack Obama, along with his brainless trust, Valerie Jarrett, and their unconstitutional form of governing has made the White House the laughing-stock of the world.  Obama’s unlawfulness has gone on without concern from most in Congress.  They have allowed our presidential clown to rule like a stupid…

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