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Bravo to you! Yes, they will all be piling on Trump just like they did when he suggested banning Muslims which in the eyes of all Americans was a simple solution for the present danger we are facing in our own country because of Obama bringing all of those Muslims home to the White House and the country after he abandoned the Middle East. Most of the candidates on both sides vilified Trump after his statement about banning the Muslims which was a common sense approach to the problem. Seems that is the problem with the candidates – no common sense. We need to check these candidates out tonight and make them prove they don’t have LACE on their drawers.

We will see where the divide is tonight!


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Politics is a dirty word.   It’s a dirty game.    A brokered Republican convention is possible in 2016 if the spoiled brats, the establishment don’t get their way; ‘If  the pain in the ass known as Donald Trump does not disappear’.   It isn’t after all what We the People want, it’s all about the party elite, delegates.   Trump is on his way to having more votes than any other Republican candidate, possibly more than most of them combined.   With the number of candidates, at this time, the support Trump has is overwhelming compared to all others.   THAT SCARES THE HELL OUT OF THE PARTY BOSSES.

The OUTSIDER is kicking ass.   The will of the people does not matter to the establishment Republican party, it won’t to Democrats either.   You see, they are all indifferent!   Behind closed doors they are smooching and sleeping…

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