Obama Takes 2.6 Billion From War Veterans to give to Syrian Migrants in US!

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This is just another reason this leader needs to be removed from office because of the crimes he has committed against the people and for not using the countries’ money for the good of America instead of foreigners.  Where is Congress in this picture?

This is a disgrace!


Obama Pulls 2.6 Billion From Veterans And Reallocates 4.5 Billion To Syrian Migrants Moving To U.S.

It would seem like a contradiction in terms to reference yourself as “The Commander In Chief” while actually betraying those men under your command, however that exactly what is taking place!

As more and more veterans are being told to wait on-line and perhaps die in the process, before they’re allowed to see a doctor and perhaps access life saving treatment.

To date over 307,000 veterans have died waiting for care that never comes, and incredibly no one is responsible and no one is accountable.

And yet the White House and the congress one would imagine have no trouble in accessing the best medical care on planet earth and within record time.

And yet those that have served this country are actually being forced to wait while the Veteran Affairs announces that…

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