Obama all of his life has worked around the system to be above the law. It has not been any different  during his time in office.  The only time the Constitution is in effect is when it is convenient for the Muslim Democratic Party (notice I am not saying Democratic Muslim Socialist Party because the old Democratic Party has been hijacked by  Obama’s Muslim people in our government).

A good example now is when Trump wants to ban all Muslims entering the USA until we can come to some comprehension exactly what Obama is and has done to our country.  They are telling the people it is unconstitutional to ban these people.  That is hogwash!  This has been done many times to protect the American people and it can be done in this situation.   In order to protect our people, how many people and times will the people have to be killed before we call terrorism for what it is.

In fact, recently, a Muslim went on a rampage in California at a college and the White House never called this terrorism.  Major Hussain at Fort Hood was called work place violence.   Enough of this hogwash – remove Obama from office immediately.

Obama and all of his Muslims –  who are many in the White House – have committed treason, have raped this country of its resources, and should be called out and punished.

Also the Senate and the Congress who have allowed this to happen should also be voted out of office.  It looks like the people are the ones who are going to have to correct this injustice since the Congress and Senate are standing idly by, especially our new speaker, Paul Ryan, who is not standing up for the people but stood up for the Muslims in this country – stating Trumps suggestion that we ban these people from entering the country temporarily was “UN-AMERICAN”.  Well, Mr. Bearded Speaker –


go join your Muslim friends because you are not a patriot when you do  not protect the American people.  Paul Ryan is a part of the Elite Republicans and will be no better than what we got with that traitor Boehner.  They have all been paid off.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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