Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2015 3:37 PM

From: Jim Robb – NumbersUSA.com

Subject: Time to hit “pause button” on immigration?

Time to hit “pause button” on immigration to the U.S.?

Just days after latest terror attack on U.S. soil, out-of-touch Congress reportedly scheming to fund MORE refugee resettlement…

and QUADRUPLE a low-skill foreign worker program!


Government funding deadline THIS FRIDAY.  3 days left to defeat Congress’ immigration expansion!

What do you want to achieve through the United States’ immigration policy?

Do you want more competition for low-skilled workers? No?! Then, we need to cut that program.

Do you want someone who comes to the U.S. illegally, has a baby, and then that baby becomes a citizen automatically? No?! Then, we have to cut that program.

Do you want to import people who hate us? You don’t?! Then, we need to cut this program.

After the terror attack in Paris just two weeks ago and the admission from the FBI director that proper vetting is nearly impossible, many in Congress began to question whether the U.S. should block the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the United States.

As you know, NumbersUSA was already busy activating grassroots Americans to pressure Congress to suspend the entire refugee resettlement program pending a full security review.

Then, in the blink of an eye, we have the news out of California last week. San Bernardino killer Tashfeen Malik was a legal immigrant from Pakistan. She was vetted and cleared for a visa. I’m sure you would agree that this latest terror attack compounded the immigration issue and requires a robust remedy.

Our very own Director of Government Relations, Rosemary Jenks, J.D., explained yesterday morning on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with Steve Bannon:

“Now is the perfect time to hit the ‘pause button’ on immigration, take a step back, and reassess this entire policy which has not been reassessed since 1965.”

You and I both know that the United States’ current immigration policy has NO connection to the national interest. We also know that the federal government, even through its own admission, has proven incapable of properly vetting people coming in from abroad. Of course, Congress ensures this to be an impossible task as it continues to authorize an unmanageable 1 million greencards a year!

Meanwhile, as Americans attempt to grapple with the implications of this latest terror attack, reports on Capitol Hill indicate that Congressional leaders are planning not to bring immigration under control, but to instead QUADRUPLE the number of foreign workers under the H-2B (seasonal, non-agricultural workers) program and to fund MORE refugee resettlement into the U.S.! Could Congress be even more out-of-touch?!

We must stop Congress from adding even more foreign workers to compete for Americans’ jobs and from writing Pres. Obama a blank check for massive refugee resettlement that compromises Americans’ security.

We are mobilizing phone calls, faxes, and media blitzes all week to push our message to Congress.

NumbersUSA activists have generated hundreds of thousands of calls into congressional offices over the past year. You make the call, we pay the bill. But our expenses are multiplying as the immigration crisis worsens.

We’ve defeated Congress’ and President Obama’s plans to undermine the American people and American security before, and we can do it again, but not without your support.

Keep the faith, and don’t ever give up!



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