BBC reporter’s sobering advice to America: ‘Break’ the NRA or your mass shootings will never stop

Source: BBC reporter’s sobering advice to America: ‘Break’ the NRA or your mass shootings will never stop

The following picture is dedicated to this BBC reporter:


And, how did the Paris, France,  killings work out for you?  People in France did  not have guns to protect themselves.  The area in California was a “GUN FREE ZONE.”  So, Mr. Intellect, if someone in that building would have had a gun maybe so many people would not have been killed.

This is about the most asinine statement I have ever heard.  This sounds like a typical coward statement.  This reporter has to be minus an IQ!  From what he is saying is just let them shoot you and be done with it.  The problem is not the NRA but the White House. This jake leg removed the soldiers from Iraq and brought 680,000 Muslims home with him just so we would have all of these terrorists in our own back yard.   That was part of Obama’s plan.

All of the carnage in California is on his back and the blame  should  be place directly on Obama.

A  war was fought in the  Middle East;  and, the U.S. invested a lot money and treasure and some of that treasure came home maimed .  So when Obama goes to Walter Reed Hospital, if he does, then what he sees – he  is just gloating on what he  and George Bush II have caused by not fighting this war like a war should be fought.  This war was all about money and the New World movement created by Bush I.  All of this carnage is on all three of their backs.

Obama should be removed from office for not doing his job.

The next president should give these Muslims a month to leave the USA or go to an internment camp until this war with the Muslims is over – plain and simple.  We will then not have to worry about Muslims blowing people up, especially just a plain old housewife.



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