Why is it Google always wants to hide the truth from the people?  This video can be found on Youtube, Jihad Verus Crusades, Bill Warner, PhD, if it doesn’t appear on this site. Google seems to be against the American people knowing and finding out the truth.  Why is this so, especially since we are paying so much to keep the truth in the picture?   This group erases pictures from sites, erases music from sites, erases videos from sites,  and even erases words from sites.   They want the money from each of us but not the truth which goes along with it.  Is there a conservative blog site out there, anyone?

The following is the history of the Islam Jihad versus Crusades in the past.  So when someone tells you the  Crusaders were worse than the terrorists, just watch this , and it will prove them wrong.  All of the Crusades were to free the Christian slaves from the terrorists.  So the next time someone compares the two – tell them they have their history wrong.

This is the site they made unusable!



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