Donald Trump is the only man who is paying his own way in the presidential race and is not saddled with lobbyists, rich men PAC’s, lawyers, and Hollywood.    This man loves his country and is trying to help us to take back our country.  Back from where you say – from the Democratic Socialist Muslim Party, Elite Republicans,  and Obama?  Have you been happy with the way they have spent our money  (corruption and waste) – everywhere but here at home.

Have you been happy with the way they are treating the American citizens – taxing us to death, trying to take our guns away, taking away our insurance, and dumping all of these illegals into our country when we do not have enough jobs now,  using up our welfare money, trying to remove Christianity in our beloved country, and Obama talking to the people in a condescending manner and regulating us to the extent he is squeezing the life out of our country and its businesses.


Obama who is shown in the above picture hates the people in America and is trying to bring in all of his Muslim friends from throughout the world and take America from the people who worked hard to make it into the country it was – we have to stop this man – anyway we can – which means we have to change the political structure from his intended purpose.

And then – as we all know that John Kasick is endowed by and to the Hollywood crowd, Marco Rubio is a part of the Elite Republican crowd and Super PAC’s who once backed Jeb Bush.  So think twice as to who you are backing because you can only strike



that match one time; and,  if it doesn’t light-up for Trump – we are in deep trouble.


Trump2Subject:  Voters would show up if Trump is on 2016 ballot


Trump – Make America Great Again!


Voters would show up if Trump is on 2016 ballot .

If Donald Trump were the GOP nominee, he would cause the highest voter turnout, relative to any other Republican hopeful.  John Kasich, on the other hand, would keep people at home.

No matter what party affiliation you consider, Trump brings them out. Republicans, Democrats and independents are all most likely to show up if Trump is on the ballot. (In our analysis, we assumed a constant variable: the Democrats nominating Hillary Clinton.)

Not only do they show up to vote, but they vote for Trump. He’s got the highest percentage of voters — across both parties and independents.

The other candidates cause more of a snooze response from the public. Among the Republicans surveyed, Kasich caused the lowest voter turnout. But Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Carly Fiorina all saw lower voter turnouts compared with Trump.

Light that candle for Trump:


To read more visit CNBC website here.

Paid for by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.


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