The question is – why are Great Britain, France, and the United States relocating all of these Muslims in our countries?  Because they want to empty the Middle East and remake the Middle East into a One World Order country.  If they don’t have any people to persuade, they can do whatever they want – plain and simple.  They dump them on us to take care  of because the are illiterate.

The danger that I think about is – just like in Paris, France, an apartment complex where some of these terrorists  lived –  and you have this one particular apartment where the terrorists were living is just typical on how they endanger any area they are located.  That is what I am afraid of –  because they all live in apartments and when things go bad and they blow up themselves, it kills and hurts people  and destroys the property. Would you want to live in an area where they lived with this mentality?   Just look at what happened  in that apartment area – the top and bottom floors were blown up.  What if you or your loved ones lived there.  So when they come in – there will be trouble because you just can’t trust them.  I do not want to be in any place where they live, work, or play.  I do not want them in my life.

Take for example this women who blew up herself.  Just what did she accomplish?  The only thing she accomplished was to kill a dog – thank God.  Even I feel sad for the dog.  But, what mentality does someone have who can do that to themselves.  So these people’s mentality has to be examined.  You could not be a sane person and think in those terms to want to harm people.  I keep saying these people’s minds do not work in the same terms that you or I think.

How many times do I have to say they are inbred and their minds are retarded.  They know nothing about sitting down and having a rational discussion to try to come to some terms and work anything out so that everyone can learn to live in a peaceful environment. A good example is Obama – have you ever seen him just sit down and resolve a problem. He can’t because he is a Muslim and they only think in terms of resolving a problem in the way they want it resolved and that is to kill.  It can only be one way and that is his Muslim thinking way.

We can bring them into our countries but they will never, ever see anything differently because whether you or I like it or not – we are the enemy in their eyes and it will never be any different.  This ideology has been fighting –  even killing their own –  since the 700’s so what makes anyone think they are going to change.  As long as they live by the Quran and Sharia law – they will never accept our Constitution and the laws of our land.    They will never be able to come into our country and assimilate – their minds are just not on the same wave length as ours.   So we must not trust them just because this Obama character tells us we must.  We have to move him out of the government and correct the path he has put us on.

Obama is  bringing them into our country to cause pain and death and to live off of us while they are trying to kill us.  Folks, Obama is not a sane or rational person.  My future plans until it can be proved that all of these people are safe to be around are – if they come into any place that I am, whether it is a plane, train, or bus – I will leave.  I do not want to be anywhere in close proximity of these people because they are evil just like Obama.


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