Since when is having a book with words in it against the law – whether it is a dictionary, a Bible or a novel.  The Second Amendment covers this – so what is their problem?  Who are these angry anti-Christian people – we need to identify and have pictures of these people posted on our websites as haters?  We need to identify these people not just a group name.

Subject: Bibles banned – why – where are my rights for the Bible to be in that hotel room if it is available.  They don’t have to take it out of the drawer and read it – have they been sneaking around and reading it?  I have as much right for it to be in that drawer as they have for it to not being in that drawer.

Sent date: 11/13/2015

Angry atheists are trying to ban the Bible

Banning the Bible.

That’s what one angry atheist group is trying to do in hotels at public universities.

The anti-Christian Freedom From Religious Foundation (FFRF) is demanding that the Bible – placed by a Christian group – be banned from university hotel rooms.

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It’s already had them banned from universities in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

(What is wrong with the people in those states – do they have a WISH BONE where their SPINE BONE should be?  They need to have a history lesson on what rights the Constitution guarantees them.  Here you have one group of people wanting the Bible banned and three states say – okay – go ahead and ban them.  That is the problem, folks, we give up on things that we are guaranteed by the Constitution.  Stop giving up our rights!  If you don’t want to fight it – just don’t say anything.)

FFRF extremists call the Bible “obnoxious” and insultingly claim that the “[B]ible calls for killing nonbelievers.” It even absurdly claims that it is “unconstitutional to have them” – Bibles – in university hotel rooms.

FFRF is legally wrong. It’s constitutionally wrong. It’s time to set the record straight.

Christian groups like the Gideons have placed Bibles in hotel rooms for decades. It doesn’t violate the law.

I’ve been defending this kind of constitutionally protected religious speech at the Supreme Court for decades. Now, we’re sending these universities a critical legal letter to protect the Bible.

Take action with us.

Sign Our NEW Petition: Don’t Ban the Bible. Defend It.

Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel
jay.sekulow@email.aclj.org to your address book.

The ACLJ is an organization dedicated to the defense of constitutional liberties secured by law.

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