Just doesn’t pass the smell test!

Carson’s knife incident proved real? So this popped up on Twitter from Andrew Kaczynski at Buzzfeed. Nothing about what publication this came from, who did the interview, when or where it was done. Think it’s real? We’re suspicious. We’ve nosed around and find nothing. If anyone can find out more about this and let us know we’d appreciate it. Kaczynski so far has not replied about the source. If he does we’ll let you know.

OK –  real or not real,  so what? Ben Carson have said that he did things he wasn’t proud of in the past – like you know – in the past. So instead of being a thug – he ended up being a brain surgeon  – that is stuff that movies are made of,  and, indeed,  a movie was made out of his life.  How many years has his run been in the making?

So in his grown up life, he used the knife in the operating room instead of in the public square killing people – which is good.  This is not the first time this has happened in real life.  So let’s make a mountain out of a mole hill!  Since he liked the feel of knives – he learned to use them in a good way.

I saw it, it was fascinating and this was way before he came into the political scene.

His story is studied. People change for the better – it happens all the time with experience. I do care if he violently took a knife to a classmate in the past.  He didn’t kill him and he didn’t pursue that life. He left that behind, he changed his character and his life, and he expertly took a knife to hundreds of people in order to save their lives in the end. Isn’t that what counts?

At this point I’d just like to know the truth either way. If this is true it will shut up a lot of his detractors.

I find it sad that a person needs to confirm he or she were thugs to prove they are not lying in order to get a job.

Found the info you wanted –  it’s true. It was in Parade Magazine. The May 11 1997.   It’s not something he made up. It was published and confirmed by his mother LONG before he decided to run!

Ben Carson has either no ideas or bad ideas on important issues. Right now he is endorsing statehood for Puerto Rico which will give us 2 more Democrat Senators and four more Democrat Congressmen FOREVER. He is for amnesty (read his campaign page) and for Obama’s destructive trade deal. He has that lunatic Armstrong Williams still on his staff after Williams suggested the Nation of Islam be paid to patrol the streets of Chicago.   He is way over his head and should get out as all he is doing is helping the GOP slow Trump down a bit.

The part that really got me was the hammer incident where he tried to hit his mother in the head.

All of this is surreal.  All of the years I worked – never saw a resume spelled out like this in order to get a job.  The other part is at the National Prayer breakfast where he KO’d Obama.  Is all of this to get attention.

As far as I am concerned, as my doctor has stated – this is TMO – TOO MUCH INFORMATION – strictly for attention.  He is trying to STEAL the media spotlight away  from Trump to stay in the top echelon.  Who is backing Carson – he keeps telling the media it is the $1 and $5 bills coming in – don’t believe that either.  He is being backed (just guessing) by the Elite Republicans – probably Cross Roads, i.e., Karl Rowe.  So the Elite’s have Rubio and Bush still in the running – they have one young horse and one old horse still left in the race.

The other thing that bothers me about Carson is his reversal on topics and the media lets him get by with it – but we all  know why – the black thing.  He makes a statement and when someone challenges his statement, he will turn around and reply, “that is what I meant or you took it out of context.”  So you never really knows where he stands – because he is like jello – he just rolls around in the bowl.

The lie in his book about the scholarship to West Point?

Folks, I have had my belly full of Carson – again,  something just doesn’t pass the smell test – remember how you all got hooked with Obama.  Let’s don’t fall for that “guilt about slavery again?”  We weren’t there during the slavery and neither was Carson.  So ‘LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.”

These people are 10.3 percent of the population; and,  if that is the case, what about the rest of the country who are Asians, Mexicans, Czechs, and we could go on and on.  The blacks are holding America hostage and we need to just move on – they have more than their share.  Let’s worry about the whole country not one part of the population who thinks they deserve all of it!



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