Thursday November 05, 2015

Michael Savage: ‘Ice Cream Man’ Rubio’s Money Men Eye Cheap Labor
By Bill Hoffmann | Wednesday, 04 Nov 2015 .

Radio host Michael Savage ripped into Marco Rubio on Wednesday, charging the Florida senator and rising GOP presidential candidate is backed by both Democratic and Republican billionaires for a simple reason — he’ll help them obtain cheap immigrant labor.

“Look at Rubio. The man is an open borders guy,” Savage said Wednesday on “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

“Take a look at who’s behind him? Billionaire Republican Sheldon Adelson, billionaire Democrat Larry Ellison. Both back Rubio, why?

“They both want cheap labor. Adelson for his hotels and the other one for cheap H-1B visas for India. You know it’s all about cheap labor … they don’t care about the country.”

Adelson is CEO of the luxury-hotel group, the Las Vegas Sands Corp., and Ellison is executive chairman of Oracle Corp., a tech giant which has 12 development centers in India.

Savage — author of the new book, “Government Zero: No Borders, No Language, No Culture,” published by Center Street — is no fan of Rubio.

“[He’s] the ice cream man from Miami. Yeah, the ice cream man from Miami. Rubio,” said Savage, who once explained on his radio show, he calls Rubio that because “who hates an ice cream man? … Maybe we need an ice cream man running America.”

Savage is a big supporter of billionaire businessman Donald Trump, who is currently neck-and-neck with retired pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson in several GOP presidential polls.

“You and I both know Carson could never beat Hillary [Clinton] in a debate. Carson is still understated, has no experience. He’s very vulnerable. He doesn’t have the charisma,” Savage said.

“Good man, wonderful man, blah, blah, blah, we’ve all said that. He should be running HHS, not the U.S. of A.”

Despite solid conservative victories on Tuesday in Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio and Mississippi, Savage said he’s not hopeful of a breakthrough in Washington.

“People know what’s going on to a certain extent, but the political structure is so corrupt, they’re immune, just like Washington, just like Sacramento,” Savage told Malzberg.

“Wherever you go, the political class, the zero, zero, one percenters will answer only to [Facebook CEO Mark] Zuckerberg, [Microsoft co-founder] Bill Gates, you name it, [liberal billionaire businessman] George Soros, they run the show. There is no democracy. You know it!

“We’re living in a dictatorship. “We need a people’s trial in America conducted by the people, online, prosecution, defense, jury.   Is [President Barack] Obama guilty of crimes against America? How about listing 15 of them, including violating the Constitution every which way to Sunday.”

So where are the other branches of government who are supposed to chop his legs out from under him?

Folks, we have to fight for our freedom if that is what it takes, we cannot give up.



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