It just hit me that these blooming polls they are taking are gauged on “likeability” not leadership.  Are we going to allow these liberals who take these polls and put us in the same chamber for execution by tricking us again?  They could not win against Trump in the polls of leadership so they are now gauging all of this on likeability as they did with Obama but they are not telling us that.  So the next time you hear a poll be sure you now what it was gauged on.  These liberals have been fishing for weeks trying to catch a fish that would work against the politicians they did not like.



The other thing we have to have a person who is an executive to lead the country  and who  has leadership skills – smiling all the time doesn’t get it – because when they meet the Chinese leader or Putin – being nice doesn’t get it because at this point in time getting anything done is like mating elephants.

So these pollers are up to their same old tricks – trying to fool the people by showing their old bag of tricks – showing Trump in a bad light.


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