Yes, it is time for the majority to stand up to the 10.3% that are constantly complaining.  The thing these 10.3% need to do is start taking  responsibility for their complaining instead of marching up and down the streets.  They need to be giving thanks to God that they live in the USA instead of Africa.

They do  not understand the person who is sponsoring them, George Soros, was part of the Nazi movement during the persecution of the Jews even though he was a jew himself.   He worked against his own people in Germany just like he is paying you to work against your own people.  They don’t realize Soros is using them as a tool to destroy the American dream and make millions of dollars in the process.  They don’t realize the American Dream is achieved by working for it instead of thinking if they march up and down the street it will be handed to them.  That trick doesn’t work any longer.  It is called a job and the person who is keeping you from that job is your own party called, the Democratic socialist muslim party and your illustrious leader called ‘OBAMA.”  Remember that guy, the one you elected and re-elected who promised you all of that change. What did he do to you – he is even keeping the change he promised.   Well, instead of hollering “Pigs in a Blanket and Fry ’em Like Bacon, and End White Supremacy” you better take another good look because the guy that is causing your problems is your own party democrats and Obama.  So you better start marching on that street in front of the White House and tell him you want all of those “Pigs in a Blanket, Fry ’em Like Bacon, and Black Supremacy” to end.  You are just picking on the “wrong pig’s feet” instead of the cops it should be the Democratic Party and Obama.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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